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30 | 31 March | 1 April 2022
De Brabanthallen

Mushroom Days | Champignondagen

The international Tradeshow for the Mushroom industry

The foundation has publised serveral promotion movies for he mushroom days 2019. You can find them here.
Click here for movie 1 Spotlight on Mushroom 
Click here for movie 2 Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen
Click here for movie 3 About Mr. Pleunis, member of the foundation
Click here for film 4 about the Ambassador Award 2019 
Click here for film 5, conversation with mister Arts, member of the foundation Mushroom Days
Click here for film 6, conversation with mister Lempens, chairman of the foundation Mushroom Days
 Click here for the film 7 invitation of the ZLTO

The board of the Mushroomdays Foundation announces that the next edition of the largest global mushroom trade show  “The Mushroom Days” in The Netherlands, will be held on 22-23-24 May 2019. The location for it remains “The Brabanthallen” in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Ambassador of the Mushroom Industry Award

This award is intended for those who as a true ambassador contribute to a positive image of the mushroom sector. If you have a potential candidate email the project team at