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De Brabanthallen

Mushroom Days

The Champignondagen Foundation is organising the  international Champignondagen trade fair in collaboration with the Brabanthallen.  

Personal details Mushroom Days 

Management Mushroom Days 

Mr. P.L.M. Lempens (chairman)
Mr. N.J. Hooijmans (secretary, treasurer)
Mr. K. Pleunis (member)

Mushroom Days Committee

Mr. P.L.M. Lempens (chairman)
Mr. K. Pleunis
Mr. J. Arts
Mr. N.J. Hooijmans
Mr. B. v.d. Berg
Mrs. M. Verstappen

Project management Champignondagen Foundation

Champignon Exhibitions B.V.

Mrs. A. Hagenstein
Mrs. F. Willems
I /

If you have any questions about the Champignondagen, please contact the project team, Femke Willems and Anoeska Hagenstein. We are happy to be of service.

T +31 (0) 6 52 49 85 68
T +31 (0) 6 39 69 91 10